Frank: A Musical Journey


I was on Facebook playing Song Pop – you need to be careful with these online games, they can become addictive and lead to a real reduction in productivity, but since it’s music related, I can call it research – and I saw the “free” playlist for the week featured the heavy metal band Disturbed, but it was the logo beside the band name that caught my attention, it said “Sponsored by Reprise Records,” and that immediately made me smile as I realized the often-unlikely connection between so many artists today and Frank Sinatra. (...)
Anyone tired of the election talk yet? With the election jostling already approaching full swing, it seems appropriate to talk about Frank Sinatra’s political ties, of which there are many because with the type of popular power Ol’ Blue Eyes wielded, it was definitely beneficial for a presidential candidate to get him on their side. (...)
As I mentioned when I wrote about Frank Sinatra’s version of the hit song, “Mrs. Robinson”, a cover can be incredible because of the potential of bringing together a favorite song with a beloved artist. It can be fun to hear some songs performed by The Voice that weren’t at all meant for a big band arrangement – some results are magical, others can leave you asking, “Why did they think that was a good idea?” Then there are some that you don’t think have a chance at sounding good, only to prove your misconceptions premature. Jim Croce’s “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” falls into the latter category. (...)