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Experiencing each of the varied venues is one of the perks about travelling for performances nationally and internationally; each theater, no matter how storied their background, is different and unique in its tales, often offering up a condensed trip through the annals of its town’s history. This is especially true with the Peoples Bank Theater in Marietta, Ohio where I’ll be presenting Sinatra Forever on November 12, 2016. Read More

A new Frank Sinatra release is always exciting news, especially when it contains something we’ve never seen before, like the new footage of him singing Cole Porter’s “At Long Last Love,” but it’s ever more noteworthy because of the surroundings of the footage - a very special charity tour that demonstrates why we love Frank so much. Read More

Dean Martin was a funny man. Sure, when you think of the Rat Pack, the first word that comes to mind is, “cool,” but part of their appeal was the comedy they brought to every routine that seemed to draw its power from the chemistry they had together. I’ve noticed some of that same charisma can even be drawn from his material when I perform on stage - there’s a powerful comedic influence to just acting like Dean Martin. Read More

Spending three months working Sammy’s Showroom, Harrah’s Reno gives you opportunity to reflect on the career of the man who was “arguably the greatest entertainer that ever lived,” as Larry King once said. While there were some enormous hurdles Mister Show Business had to jump and devastating setbacks to overcome over the course of his life, his unbridled affection and humor would shine through. I thought I’d share a few “firsts” that he was able to give the world simply because he was Sammy. Read More

The 50th Anniversary Show for Sammy’s Showroom, Harrah’s Reno is in its last days proving all good things must come to an end, as the saying goes, but there’s always another door ahead and my next door takes me north, way north into Western Canada, where I’ll be touring for five shows of Sinatra Forever in three different provinces - Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Read More

I truly miss the television variety shows that would glue people to their sets for an hour to watch the top names in the entertainment industry sing and dance right into the viewers’ living rooms. Entertainers seemed more rounded then, able to work without rigid scripting because they exuded an innate talent that allowed them to rise to the top. The Hollywood Palace was a program that could wow you every week while exposing many to genres they may not have necessarily watched. Read More

Earlier this week our fifteen-year-old pup, Angel, was diagnosed with a mass on her spleen and if you’ve ever had a beloved pet of your own, I don’t need to tell you that made us nervous. She is going back for another sonogram to see if the mass has gotten at least 20% larger in order to determine whether we need to address taking out her spleen all together. Thankfully Angel is doing great and is back home enjoying her favorite toys, but it did get me thinking about the similarities apparent in my love of animals and the same fondness Frank Sinatra showed for all creatures great and small throughout his life. Read More

Did anyone watch the new Harry Connick, Jr. NBC television show, “Harry” this week? Connick, Jr. is a wonderful musician and if anyone was thinking about putting together a Rat Pack today, it would be difficult not to include him. He projects an innate ease on camera and possesses the requisite amount of “cool” to be a part of the club. It doesn’t hurt that he knows a bit about Frank and Dean too. Read More

When Frank Sinatra was once on the Tonight Show, Johnny Carson joked asking him, “When you’re in a romantic mood and you’re trying to make out, whose records do you put on?” Of course Johnny was referring to how Ol’ Blue Eyes’ voice could make a lady swoon, but it begs the question, What music did Frank Sinatra listen to? Read More

How does the saying go? “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Clichés exist for a reason: they’re true. We’re already passing the half-way point with our run of the Sammy’s Showroom 50th Anniversary Show at Harrah’s Reno and it’s not only been a blast, the response has been so overwhelmingly positive that our promoter, Greg Thompson Productions, is going to be marketing us at the APAP (Association of Performing Arts Presenters) conference in New York City. Read More